Thursday, March 21, 2019

Thursday class now has blogs!

Almost everyone has a blog now. There are a few people who were either absent or overwhelmed, but you can get help when we are in the lab again next week.

Happy Spring!

Galaxy in the Spring Rain by Deacon MacMillan, CC BY 2.0

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wednesday classes delve into technology

We spent our writing lab time making individual blogs for this class. You can click on the section above to see the class blogs.

Discovery: NCC has blocked NCC email addresses from using Blogger. You have to log out of your NCC gmail account and make up a new account (or use another gmail account) to make a blog in Blogger. I presume this is to protect your #N numbers from the open web.

Also, as we may have discussed, faculty at NCC do not have google apps for our email. We have Microsoft Office 365. Therefore, my NCC address does not have access to your google docs account. You can't just invite me to view a google doc. To send me your essay over email, you will need to download your essay as a Word or PDF file and send it to me as an attachment at emily dot hegarty at ncc dot edu.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

The changes I'm making to the class

I am trying to make this class more open and participatory, so I have made several changes.

The biggest change is to the grading. You will still receive a letter grade for this course, but your assignments throughout the course will be pass/fail, based on a rubric of requirements for each writing assignment. "Plus" grades will be awarded for class participation, attendance, etc. NCC doesn't have an A+ grade, nor does it have any "minus" grades.

In order to make writing public and more meaningful, you will submit your work by posting it to a blog that you will keep for the remainder of the course. (This blog will also be a handy place to put your notes and sources for your research and argument essays which are the work of the second half of the course.) I (and your classmates) can offer feedback before you make your writing public or afterwards, if you like. You do not have to use your real name on your blog, but you have to let me know which blog is yours for grading purposes. Grades remain private and are found in the Blackboard gradebook, though of course I will also email you or discuss with you an explanation of your grade.

Everyone will be glad that I am ditching the annoying Blackboard course messages and switching to plain old college email. (If you already sent me a message or assignment in a course message, don't worry; I can still access them.)

This is (probably) going to be better for everyone. Bring any questions or concerns you have to class or to the new discussion boards on Blackboard.

Welcome to our new class blog

I am rebooting this course mid-semester in hopes that it will be more fun for all of us.

In this blog I will record class events and link to resources or whatever else seems blog-worthy.

This blog is for all three sections of my English 101 courses so don't be confused if you are in one section and you read about something that happened in another section.

I am excited for this new experiment!